During the worldwide focus on Ebola in 2014, Don discovered that one of his neighbors, Lisa Hensley, a fellow UNC graduate, was one of the top Ebola researchers in the world. Learning that Lisa had traveled to Africa on 6 occasions to assist with the Ebola response, Don decided to write a story for his local paper. It took months to get permission to visit Lisa at the Level IV laboratory of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases at Ft. Detrick, but Don persevered, interviewed Lisa, and submitted a story. That story, entitled "Follow Your Passion: Top Ebola Scientist Combines Research and Motherhood," ran in the Frederick News-Post on May 31, 2015 and was later named a winner in the Maryland-Delaware-DC Press Association's annual awards in the category: Feature Story: Profile.


Don has also written a number of other articles focusing on colorful local figures he has encountered in Frederick, Maryland. A piece that ran in the Frederick News-Post on March 15, 2015 told the story of two Frederick residents whose goal was to visit each of the 407 units of the National Park System.



A prominent Frederick attorney who was a long-time non-elected politician and raconteur was the focus of a story that ran on November 15, 2015.



Another of Don's feature articles involved his admiration of an important 20th Century historical figure — General of the Army George C. Marshall — who served as the Army chief of staff during World War II and as Secretary of State under President Truman. General Marshall developed the successful European Economic Recovery Plan (later dubbed The Marshall Plan) and, as a result of its success, was the only career soldier ever awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. One of Don's next projects is a book about Marshall and his relationship with Congress.